Windows, doors wooden EURO Established 1946


When tradition combines with modernity

The many year tradition of our family in woodwork industry enables us to meet even the most demanding customer requirements. Here is our brief history:

It was late spring 1945. Teodor Wojtkowiak from Leszno arrived to Siciny. Almost uninhabited village welcomed him by dead silence. But after a few days one could hear the sounds of saws and planes. Such was the beginning of Wojtkowiak firm that is now the most renowned woodworking plant in Góra region.

Before World War II Teodor Wojtkowiak began learning profession in one of the joinery firms in Bojanowo. There, he also started his first job. It did not take long for him to conclude that it is worth working on one’s own.

After World War II Mr. Teodor decided to settle down in Siciny. He took up a house in the vicinity of church, formerly occupied by a joinery firm belonging to a German called Fibach. Young Wojtkowiak quickly stocked the firm with every necessary tools and machines. Shortly after his moving, he opened a first joinery in Góra region.

Mr. Teodor employed his first employees to assist him in the work non-requiring professional skills. They used to travel to Leszno on a cart drawn by two horses to buy planks in a local sawmill. Another wave of orders for furniture, doors and windows began in 1950. One of the largest Wojtkowiak’s customers were GS in Łękanów and Commune Office in Siciny.

Another chapter of firm’s history began in 1964 when Teodor’s son Jerzy started learning the profession. He learned his father’s profession very quickly and his father as early as 4 years later transferred firm ownership rights to him and retired. Times changed and so did the expectations of inhabitants living in the vicinity. In addition to windows and doors the Wojtkowiak firm manufactured the components for recreational houses. „Then, we received an order for carrying out equipment for House of Culture in Góra, hospital and cultural facilities in Niechlów and Bojanów. Similar orders were placed from Wrocław as well. There was so much work that we employed approximately 20 persons”says Jerzy Wojtkowiak.

But the years of prosperity depressed a bit when in 1990 a fire broke in the plant. The fire destroyed some part of production halls and a lot of raw material. We managed to rebuild the firm quickly but the number of employees dropped considerably. In 1991 Jerzy’s son Artur began to learn profession. Three years later another Jerzy’s son Daniel followed his younger brother. In 1998 Wojtkowiak Firm faced the third part of its history. It was the year when Artur became boss, taking over the business from his father Jerzy. Currently, thanks to many commercial contacts and effective marketing policy the firm’s development is very rapid. The basic manufacture line includes doors and windows again but now manufactured in state-of-the-art technology of wood glued in euro system. The firm has received two certificates „Wielkopolska Jakość” („Wielkopolska Quality”) and has gained good reputation among customers. We have provided services to Tax Office in Gostyń and Rawicz, Tax Chamber in Leszno, Voivedoship Office and Bank Zachodni in Wrocław. Our doors and windows are currently installed throughout Poland and in Germany.

We have so many orders that our firm has been forced to purchase the land formerly occupied by POM (State Agricultural Machinery Centre) in Siciny. We are going to build there a large hall equipped with modern machines for manufacturing doors and windows. Employment will increase as well. Our customers have a high opinion of wood products because they are more environmental friendly. Therefore, the family-run Wojtkowiak firm does not have to worry about its future. With satisfaction they continue the work of 107-year-old grandfather Teodor they have inherited their joiner’s genes from.